fill out do_modfill, fixing some issues with '.. % tuple'
[shedskin:mainline.git] / lib / builtin.cpp
2008-08-31 mark.dufourfill out do_modfill, fixing some issues with '.. %...
2008-08-30 mark.dufoursupport other static dictionaries
2008-08-30 mark.dufourstart of improvements to mod operator (right-hand dict)
2008-08-27 mark.dufourremove tuple hash caching
2008-07-23 mark.dufoursome fixes for open solaris
2008-06-27 mark.dufouruse char cache in str.{lower, upper}
2008-06-07 mark.dufourasprintf/vasprintf not available on solaris
2008-05-31 mark.dufouravoid compiler warnings when building extmods with...
2008-05-23 mark.dufourfinish support for sorted, list.sort args cmp and reverse
2008-04-26 mark.dufourOSX make fix (matteo bertini); fix some GCC 4.2.3 warnings
2008-03-07 mark.dufourreplace tabs with spaces! :/
2008-03-07 mark.dufourhandle C++ boolean type in some builtins, fix oct(0)
2008-02-24 mark.dufouradd options to specify output dir and disable annotations
2008-02-12 mark.dufourcast min, max args to (double) when necessary
2008-02-10 mark.dufourfix test 174 under windows
2008-02-04 mark.dufouros.popen2 and supporting os functions (thanks!)
2008-01-19 mark.dufourimprove avoidance of C macros
2008-01-17 mark.dufour''.isdigit() etc. corner cases
2008-01-17 mark.dufourmove to trunk, oh yeah