2010-10-16 Mark Dufourfinal version of tutorial 0.6
2010-10-16 Mark Dufourupdate manpage for 0.6
2010-10-15 Mark Dufourextension fixes for multi-module examples
2010-10-15 Mark Dufourworkaround for now
2010-10-15 Mark Dufouradd ifdefs
2010-10-14 Mark Dufoursplit init in two; makes pylot work in master
2010-10-14 Mark Dufourgenerate extmod stuff inside each module
2010-10-14 Mark Dufourimprove warnings for dynamic vars
2010-10-14 Mark Dufourgetmv() doesn't work very well here either
2010-10-14 Mark Dufourshow more warnings, and fix linecount problem (in case...
2010-10-14 Mark Dufourfix nasty names in test e1
2010-10-13 Mark Dufourmerge print2 functions (thomas spura)
2010-10-13 Mark Dufourmerge print options into single struct (thomas spura)
2010-10-13 Mark Dufouradd some nasty stuff to test e1, fix it later
2010-10-13 Mark Dufourupdate tutorial for 0.6
2010-10-13 Mark Dufourupdate thanks section
2010-10-13 Mark Dufourwarning for non-exported classes
2010-10-13 Mark Dufourwork around known problem with amaze, tictictoe
2010-10-13 Mark Dufouruse gv.cpp_name( for reduce/setstate
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourtest importing of example extmods
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourcleanup example
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourchange tests/e1 to test pickle improvement
2010-10-12 Mark Dufouradd tp_init
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourimplement __reduce__, __setstate__
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourregister __reduce__, __setstate__
2010-10-12 Mark Dufouradd __newobj__ function
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourglobal pointer to module
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourignore tests/testdata
2010-10-12 Mark DufourMerge branch 'unpack'
2010-10-12 Mark Dufouradd arg unpacking tests
2010-10-11 Mark Dufourfurther
2010-10-11 Mark Dufourtest
2010-10-11 Mark Dufourremove unused directory
2010-10-07 Mark uncovered some extmod problems
2010-10-03 Mark Dufoursome minor cleanups
2010-10-03 Mark Dufourthis code probably doesn't do much anymore, remove it
2010-10-02 Mark Dufoureliminate (most) FAST_FOR_NEG cruft
2010-09-30 Mark Dufourforgot to add
2010-09-28 Mark Dufourgetmv() doesn't work during inference, so pass correct mv
2010-09-28 Mark Dufouradd INCREMENTAL switch
2010-09-27 Mark Dufouradd minimized problem to test 193
2010-09-26 Mark Dufourcast subtype in container, cleaning up assign_needs_cas...
2010-09-25 Mark Dufouravoid using deprecated FOR_IN_SEQ
2010-09-25 Mark Dufouroptional string hashing with murmur (algorithm by austi...
2010-09-25 Mark Dufourremove SuperFastHash because of licensing issues (thoma...
2010-09-25 Mark Dufouradd -s to testprogs already
2010-09-20 Mark Dufourcleanup
2010-09-20 Mark Dufouradd percanteg to progressbar
2010-09-20 Mark DufourMerge branch 'inc'
2010-09-20 Mark Dufourcheck if __init__ exported
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourtest
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourihoei
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourigoei
2010-09-19 Mark Dufouravoid repeated copying
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourcheck if __init__ exported
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourigr
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourijaja
2010-09-19 Mark Dufouravoid tuple crap
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourfix
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourreadd record
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourremove record..
2010-09-19 Mark text mode
2010-09-19 Mark containing pygame stuff
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourhup
2010-09-19 Mark Dufouradd displays
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourscreen works
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourdisplay class
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourstateful universe
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourheading separate
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourseparate option parsing
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourmain func
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourreplace tabs
2010-09-19 Mark Dufouradd stuff
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourreset max iterations each meta-iteration
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourkeep original types for seeding, then it's fine to...
2010-09-19 Mark Dufouradd example
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourdon't clean out unadded functions
2010-09-19 Mark Dufour5 funcs per iter-iter
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourstart with global space
2010-09-15 Mark Dufourfixes for --ann and --help options (douglas mcneil)
2010-09-06 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of
2010-09-06 Mark Dufourfix 64-bit dict corruption
2010-08-28 Mark Dufourextmod test setup, plus one test
2010-08-24 Mark Dufourimprove inheritance support in extmods
2010-08-21 Mark Dufourfix test 83
2010-08-21 Mark Dufourfill in tp_base, and use PyObject_IsInstance
2010-08-19 Mark Dufourisinstance fixes
2010-08-19 Mark Dufourmake clean -f
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourremoved shootout tests
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourupdate scripts
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourfix some tests
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourquick start README
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourmove testdata to tests
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourupdate .gitignore for new tests dir
2010-08-18 Mark can go then
2010-08-18 Mark Dufouruse Makefile -f
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourremove disabled tests
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourtests as separate files, part 1
2010-08-18 srepmubignore stuff
2010-08-18 srepmubrevert this