2011-06-04 Mark Dufouradd -fno-inline for shedskin -x master
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouradd -rdynamic to -D__SS_BACKTRACE, works better
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouruse timo bingmann's print_stacktrace (licensed under...
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouradd -x option to print exception traces (triggered...
2011-06-04 Mark Dufourmove __throw_exception functions to builtin.cpp
2011-06-04 Mark Dufouroptimize float**int where int in {2,3} (thanks to thoma...
2011-06-03 Mark avoid on windows
2011-06-03 Mark Dufourmention -ffast-math in
2011-06-03 Mark pull stuff right of git, add tests and examples
2011-06-03 Mark improve 'test' behavior when ctrl-c is pressed
2011-06-03 Mark Dufourtutorial: update performance tips (e.g. with -ffast...
2011-06-02 Mark Dufourbuffer overrun for bin() (reported by brian cleary)
2011-05-31 Mark Dufourgrr, wrong one.. try again
2011-05-31 Mark Dufouravoid another windows difference
2011-05-31 Mark Dufourcomment out open('U') code, avoid win32 test failure
2011-05-31 Mark Dufourfix typo in win32 ifdef
2011-05-31 Mark Dufouravoid windows test failing here
2011-05-31 Thomas Spuraadd python test and include the files in tarball
2011-05-29 Mark Dufouravoid strange crash for now
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourremove some empty lines..
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourmerge some variable declaration stuff, <3000...
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourmove same general stuff from to
2011-05-29 Mark remove about 40 lines of cruft, almost < 3000...
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourdisable pypy/msvc output for now
2011-05-29 Mark Dufoursupport deprecated file.xreadlines (thanks fahrzin...
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourfinally, replace FOR_IN_NEW with FOR_IN everywhere
2011-05-29 Mark Dufourreplace FOR_IN_SEQ usage with FOR_IN_NEW
2011-05-28 Mark Dufourarray: optimize mass filling of arrays, for one case...
2011-05-28 Mark Dufourugh, base include file ordering on cross-file inheritan...
2011-05-28 Mark Dufourtests: update that test a bit
2011-05-28 Mark Dufourtests: cross-file inheritance problem (thanks to danny...
2011-05-27 Mark Dufourstruct: 64-bit C structure alignment
2011-05-26 Mark Dufourfix and optimize str.title
2011-05-25 Mark Dufourthanks
2011-05-25 Mark bump to 0.8
2011-05-25 Mark Dufourdoc: update tutorial for 0.8
2011-05-25 Mark Dufourtests: fix -e, -x options of again
2011-05-25 Mark Dufourscripts: update with three new examples
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: __add__ check typecodes
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: use memcpy in __add__, __iadd__, __imul__
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: __mul__ to use memcpy
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: use strncmp for array.__eq__ and same typecode
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: now optimize tolist a bit
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: tostring, fromstring to use memcpy
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: use memcpy for extend(array)
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: use size_t for sizes, indices
2011-05-22 Mark Dufoursys: set version_info, hexversion to 2.6.6, not shedski...
2011-05-22 Mark Dufoursys: add sys.byteorder, make sys.platform more compatible
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourstruct: plus tests
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourstruct: bool unpacking for values other than 0 and 1
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourstruct: improve unpack warning
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: detect endianness and merge checks
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: on WIN32, alway align doubles on 8-byte boundaries
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: merge padding calc
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourupdate documentation a bit, add struct module
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: improve struct.unpack usage warning
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: and use it
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: support struct.error
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: conversion to float
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: add bool.__index__ so it works as an int
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: support conversion to int via __index__ method
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: s and p type checks
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: add some 'c' checks
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: warnings/errors for 'P' or unsupported format...
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: merge unpack_one
2011-05-21 Mark DufourFLAGS: reset again
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: more 0-length fun
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: update test with calcsize/unpack cases
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: calcsize padding fix
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: unpack_float pos update
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: unpack_float
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: padding improvements for unpacking, calcsize
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: unpack_pad function
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: improve get_itemsize
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: unpacking and padding
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: unpack_bool
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: unpack_str s case fix
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: improve unpack_str
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: simplify unpack_int
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: start improving calcsize
2011-05-21 Mark Dufourstruct: fix crash in
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: pascal strings never fully padded because of...
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: string padding also counts here
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: forgot to reset pascal_ff
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: this looks even better, keep adding cases
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: simplify, improve pascal string padding
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: looks like p and x are combined somehow
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: pad normal strings as well
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: pad pascal strings
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: use __nonzero__ for bools
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: improvements for pascal strings
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: chop off strings
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: hack for 0px case, where padding adds one ...
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: eat arg for 0-length strings
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: better support count of 0
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: float padding
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: float improvements
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: float/double native case
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: pad floats/double for now
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: loop over format string, not args