os.popen2(list(str),..) (issue 158)
[shedskin:1989lzhhs-mainline.git] / test.py
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouradd timer and --silent mode (thanks jason ye for timer...
2011-08-13 Mark Dufouralmost equal now
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourdon't waste effort on parentheses
2011-08-12 Mark Dufourfill that in a bit further, add incompatibility check
2011-07-23 Mark DufourMerge branch 'complex'
2011-07-23 Mark Dufourcomplex copy-by-value
2011-07-22 Mark DufourWIP on (no branch): d3154a3 test
2011-07-22 Mark Dufourtest
2011-07-21 Mark DufourWIP on master: 64e8250 hand the sack to 'isinstance'
2011-05-22 Mark Dufourarray: __mul__ to use memcpy
2011-05-20 Mark Dufourstruct: looks like p and x are combined somehow
2011-05-15 Mark Dufourtest.py: revert
2011-05-15 Mark Dufourarray: copy, deepcopy
2011-05-14 Mark Dufourarray: fromlist
2010-12-30 Mark DufourMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shedskin/mainline
2010-12-25 srepmubremove last usage of FOR_IN, and FOR_IN define
2010-12-23 Mark Dufourreplace some more usage of FOR_IN(_SEQ)
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourreset test.py, hm
2010-12-22 Mark Dufourdict.__init__(iterable(iterable)) .. :-)
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourcleanup example
2010-10-12 Mark Dufouradd __newobj__ function
2010-10-12 Mark Dufourglobal pointer to module
2010-10-12 Mark DufourMerge branch 'unpack'
2010-10-11 Mark Dufourfurther
2010-10-11 Mark Dufourtest
2010-09-20 Mark Dufouradd percanteg to progressbar
2010-09-20 Mark DufourMerge branch 'inc'
2010-09-19 Mark Dufourigoei
2008-01-17 mark.dufourmove to trunk