os.popen2(list(str),..) (issue 158)
[shedskin:1989lzhhs-mainline.git] / setup.py
2011-07-11 Mark Dufouradd new lib/builtin/ dir to setup.py (noted by eric...
2011-06-18 Mark Dufourbump version number to 0.9
2011-06-03 Mark Dufoursetup.py: improve 'test' behavior when ctrl-c is pressed
2011-05-31 Thomas Spuraadd python setup.py test and include the files in tarball
2011-05-25 Mark Dufoursetup.py: bump to 0.8
2011-05-01 srepmubinclude FLAGS* in setup.py (ian ozsvald)
2011-02-19 mark dufourbump setup.py too
2010-11-16 Mark Dufouradd illegal name file to setup.py
2010-11-16 Mark Dufourbump version here too
2010-08-18 Mark Dufourupdate scripts
2010-05-15 mark.dufourbump version number
2010-03-27 mark.dufourbump version
2010-01-09 mark.dufourfinally, distutils support (thomas spura)
2009-09-07 mark.dufourremove SHEDSKIN_ROOT (thomas spura)
2008-06-16 mark.dufourdoh
2008-06-06 mark.dufourrevert to /bin/sh
2008-06-05 mark.dufouralways use /bin/bash, export keyword not necessary
2008-01-17 mark.dufourmove to trunk, oh yeah