last changeWed, 14 Mar 2012 16:18:05 +0000 (20:18 +0400)
2012-03-14 nimnesfix input name on game over screen, different optimizations master
2012-02-22 Kirill Kulakovenable works with accelerometer, add skipped files
2012-02-22 Kirill Kulakovadd english and russian languages
2012-02-22 Kirill Kulakovprepare package for ovi
2010-09-17 nimnesadd optification of package
2010-09-03 nimnessolve problems with building in maemo-extras-cauldron
2010-09-02 nimnes+ disable accelerometer when app goes in background...
2010-08-31 brendenhitt+ fixed errors with obtaining data on the display...
2010-08-29 brendenhitt+ added obtaining data on the status display
2010-08-26 brendenhitt+ fix bug with keyboard input on tablet
2010-08-25 nimnes+ fix memory leaks in Ui and Score System
2010-08-24 nimnes+ update debian files
2010-08-24 brendenhitt+ solve problems with scores.xml
2010-08-23 nimnes+ add slides for ingame Help
2010-08-23 brendenhitt+ added lives in game and to create a file Scores.xml...
2010-08-20 brendenhitt+ added background music and help in UI
6 years ago master