Many badge descriptions reworded for consistency.
[shapado:shapado.git] / config / locales / devise /
1 es-419:
2   devise:
3     sessions:
4       link: 'Sign in'
5       signed_in: 'Signed in successfully.'
6       signed_out: 'Signed out successfully.'
7       unauthenticated: 'You need to sign in or sign up before continuing.'
8       unconfirmed: 'You have to confirm your account before continuing.'
9       locked: 'Your account is locked.'
10       invalid: 'Invalid email or password.'
11       invalid_token: 'Invalid authentication token.'
12       timeout: 'Your session expired, please sign in again to continue.'
13       inactive: 'Your account was not activated yet.'
15       facebook_invalid: "Could not sign in. Invalid account."
16       facebook_timeout: "Facebook session expired., please sign in again to continue."
17       facebook_authenticity_token: "Something went wrong. For security reasons, please sign in again."
18       facebook_actions:
19         sign_in: "Sign in"
20         sign_out: "Sign out"
21     passwords:
22       link: 'Forgot password?'
23       send_instructions: 'You will receive an email with instructions about how to reset your password in a few minutes.'
24       updated: 'Your password was changed successfully. You are now signed in.'
25     confirmations:
26       link: "Didn't receive confirmation instructions?"
27       send_instructions: 'You will receive an email with instructions about how to confirm your account in a few minutes.'
28       confirmed: 'Your account was successfully confirmed. You are now signed in.'
29     registrations:
30       link: 'Sign up'
31       signed_up: 'You have signed up successfully.'
32       updated: 'You updated your account successfully.'
33       destroyed: 'Bye! Your account was successfully cancelled. We hope to see you again soon.'
34     unlocks:
35       link: "Didn't receive unlock instructions?"
36       send_instructions: 'You will receive an email with instructions about how to unlock your account in a few minutes.'
37       unlocked: 'Your account was successfully unlocked. You are now signed in.'
38     mailer:
39       confirmation_instructions: 'Confirmation instructions'
40       reset_password_instructions: 'Reset password instructions'
41       unlock_instructions: 'Unlock Instructions'