2010-01-21 David A. Cuadradodisable image fonts (jsmath)
2010-01-21 Jorge H. CuadradoFix redirection after login
2010-01-21 David A. Cuadradofix rake tasks
2010-01-21 Jorge H. CuadradoStore the user ip on signup
2010-01-21 Jorge H. CuadradoComment edit: Disable the update button on AJAX request
2010-01-20 Jorge H. Cuadradoimplemented comments editing using AJAX
2010-01-20 Jorge H. CuadradoFix judge.on_comment method
2010-01-20 Jorge H. CuadradoComments system refactorized
2010-01-20 Jorge H. CuadradoNow Answers inherit from Comments; and the users can...
2010-01-20 David A. Cuadradoadd support for phusion passenger
2010-01-20 Patrick Aljordupdate new group's title
2010-01-20 Patrick Aljordupdated french translation
2010-01-20 Patrick Aljordtranslated group creation button to French
2010-01-20 David A. Cuadradoadd install guide
2010-01-20 David A. Cuadradoadd support for magent 0.3
2010-01-20 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'origin/dupe-prefered-tags'
2010-01-20 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'newgroup'
2010-01-20 David A. Cuadradoadd translations
2010-01-19 David A. CuadradoCreate your own Q&A site in 8 seconds for free
2010-01-19 David A. Cuadradomake use of jsMath to render math expressions
2010-01-19 David A. Cuadradoonly display questions with answers_count == 0
2010-01-19 David A. Cuadradoquestion body is not required anymore
2010-01-19 David A. Cuadrado15 questions on front page
2010-01-19 David A. Cuadradodisplay user name
2010-01-19 David A. Cuadradofix some translations
2010-01-19 Patrick Aljorddon't add dupes to prefered tags and fix posting more...
2010-01-14 Jorge H. Cuadradofix spelling v2.0
2010-01-14 Patrick AljordMerge branch 'escapeurl'
2010-01-14 Patrick AljordMerge branch 'i18n'
2010-01-14 Patrick Aljordupdated french translations
2010-01-14 Patrick Aljordallow language less question show in url
2010-01-14 Jorge H. Cuadradoadd some translations strings
2010-01-13 Patrick Aljordshow questions urls without languages in microblogs
2010-01-13 David A. Cuadradoconvert updated_at to UTC before saving
2010-01-13 David A. Cuadradomake sure this task is performed for http requests
2010-01-13 David A. Cuadradotypo
2010-01-13 David A. Cuadradodisplay less tags on topbar
2010-01-13 David A. Cuadradorework topbar
2010-01-13 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'jheiss/master'
2010-01-13 David A. Cuadradotask to run all fixdb* tasks
2010-01-13 Patrick Aljordmore updates to fr
2010-01-13 Patrick Aljordupdated french translations
2010-01-13 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'offline'
2010-01-12 David A. Cuadradofix secondary navigation
2010-01-12 David A. Cuadradoadd style for auto-complete fields
2010-01-12 David A. Cuadradoshow badges on questions/show
2010-01-12 Jason HeissMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradodisplay favorites on users#show
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix for konqueror and firefox
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix bug
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradocapitalize subtitles (via css)
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix path
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradomove capitalization to css
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradodo not order the tag cloud
2010-01-11 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'disk/i18n' into offline
2010-01-11 Jorge H. Cuadradoi18n: files to down case
2010-01-11 Jorge H. Cuadradoadd feedback link in the footer and allow to send feedb...
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradotask to fix some answers
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix issue with current tags and layout
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradohighlight preferred tags
2010-01-11 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'disk/widgets' into offline
2010-01-11 Jorge H. Cuadradofix move widget after deleting one
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix issue with tabs on /manage
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix more bugs
2010-01-11 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'disk/errors-layout' into offline
2010-01-11 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'disk/badge_famous_question' into...
2010-01-11 Jorge H. CuadradoFix Questions#unfavorite
2010-01-11 Jorge H. CuadradoFix api to answer
2010-01-11 Jorge H. CuadradoRemove Favorites controller and use Questions for favor...
2010-01-11 Jorge H. Cuadradojudge: check if the user have a famous_question badge...
2010-01-11 Jorge H. Cuadradoadd new badge: famous_question
2010-01-11 Jorge H. CuadradoUpdate error templates for the new layout
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradowe do not need this file anymore
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradostyle
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradomore fixes & style
2010-01-11 David A. Cuadradofix some bugs
2010-01-11 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'disk/widgets' into offline
2010-01-10 Jorge H. CuadradoCreate Widgets Controller
2010-01-10 Jorge H. Cuadradoallows to config the reputation's rewards for each...
2010-01-10 Jorge H. CuadradoAdd ui to manage group's constrains by reputation
2010-01-10 Jorge H. CuadradoImprove manage routes
2010-01-10 David A. Cuadradoinclude the badge type in the query
2010-01-10 David A. Cuadradoimprove badges#show
2010-01-10 David A. Cuadradodo not show user here
2010-01-10 David A. Cuadradogive a badge for each tag
2010-01-10 David A. Cuadradorender related questions
2010-01-10 David A. Cuadradoimplemented related questions
2010-01-09 Patrick Aljordfix french translation
2010-01-09 Patrick Aljordfix typo
2010-01-09 Patrick Aljordadded shapado badge translation
2010-01-09 Patrick Aljordupdated french translation and fixed some translations
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoadd subtab for experts
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoset user timezone
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoimplemented badge: editor
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoimplement badges: popstar, rockstar
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoadd tr strings
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoimplement badge: shapado
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoimplemented badges: addict, fanatic
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoimprove drastic-bec style
2010-01-09 David A. Cuadradoworking on green style