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2011-01-24 Patrick AljordMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shapado/shapado
2011-01-22 Patrick Aljordalways find questions and answers according to their...
2011-01-17 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2011-01-14 Patrick Aljordfix commenting on two questions with same slugs
2010-12-04 David A. Cuadradodo not crash if the page is not defined
2010-12-04 David A. Cuadradofix tag cloud bug
2010-12-04 David A. Cuadradofix error when disabling javascript
2010-12-03 David A. Cuadradoshow badge description on hover
2010-12-02 Patrick Aljordadded missing i18n
2010-12-02 David A. Cuadradomake SE url work
2010-12-02 David A. Cuadradofix crash when close reason is nil
2010-12-02 David A. Cuadradofix issue with registered only groups
2010-12-02 David A. Cuadradodo not update the timezone
2010-11-30 David A. Cuadradodo not crash if geoip is not available
2010-11-29 David A. Cuadradofix bug with locales
2010-11-29 David A. Cuadradoattemp to fix bug with timezones
2010-11-29 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2010-11-29 Siebrand MazelandMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:+ricodigo/shapad...
2010-11-26 Patrick Aljordfix templates bugs fix-notifiers-templates
2010-11-26 David A. Cuadradosilence UknownAction errors
2010-11-26 David A. Cuadradomethod to cleanup drafts
2010-11-26 David A. Cuadradorefactor Notifier
2010-11-26 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'origin/fix-content-type-notifier'
2010-11-24 Patrick Aljorduse patch from https://rails.lighthouseapp.com/projects... fix-content-type-notifier
2010-11-23 David A. Cuadradoenforce group language
2010-11-20 Patrick Aljordfix badge xss
2010-11-20 Patrick Aljordfix xss on search
2010-11-14 David A. Cuadradofix daily report
2010-11-11 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2010-11-08 Patrick Aljordupdated footer link to shapado.com/pages/code footer-link
2010-11-07 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2010-11-06 Jorge H. CuadradoFix user settings link for notification's footer backport-fix-mailer
2010-11-06 David A. Cuadradoadd helper to include latex
2010-11-06 David A. Cuadradouse :strict to render markdown
2010-11-03 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'origin/backport'
2010-11-03 Jorge H. CuadradoFix history link backport
2010-11-03 David A. Cuadradoadd i18n strings
2010-11-03 David A. Cuadradolatex is optional now
2010-11-03 David A. Cuadradofix mailer on custom domains
2010-11-03 Patrick Aljordfix /badges.json
2010-11-03 Patrick Aljordset subdomain before creatrion
2010-10-26 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2010-10-25 Jorge H. CuadradoFix report email
2010-10-23 Jorge H. CuadradoAttemp to fix the error 'Missing layout layouts/.erb...
2010-10-18 Patrick Aljorddon't capitalize automatically as that's not compatible...
2010-10-18 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2010-10-14 Jorge H. CuadradoAdd text plain format for new_comment and new_answer...
2010-10-14 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'andphe/fix_lang_notifier'
2010-10-08 Andrés Felipe Vargasusing the named anchor notifications in the user's...
2010-10-08 Andrés Felipe Vargasadding named anchor for the notifications section of...
2010-10-08 Andrés Felipe Vargasadding text layout for multipart notification messages
2010-10-08 Andrés Felipe Vargasloading the correct layout for notifications, according...
2010-10-08 Andrés Felipe Vargaswrong name in notifier layout file produces translation...
2010-10-08 Andrés Felipe Vargasuser's profile url within notifications mails must...
2010-10-03 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'origin/safe-page'
2010-10-03 Patrick Aljorddon't sanitize when page is considered sage
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradoload custom css correctly
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradofor some reason mm is not converting booleans correctly
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradofix crash when editing an answer
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradofix anonymous answers
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradoupdate the editor before posting the answer
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradopost answers as anonymous
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradoadd some indexes
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradodo not notify if the question/answer is anonymous
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradomark for translation
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradodo not cache tag cloud by date
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradoupdate urls
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradostyle fixes
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradofix regexp
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradocouple of fixes
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradotypo v3.10.1
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradomods can modify comments
2010-10-03 David A. Cuadradodon't display this field if the group is using a custom...
2010-10-03 Patrick AljordMerge remote branch 'i18n/master'
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradodon't display the real identity
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradofix caching issues
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradoallow to post questions as anonymous
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradodo not add new memberships by default
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradoignore routing errors
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradodon't display the quick question box if user is not...
2010-10-02 David A. Cuadradoanonymous should be default name for anonymous users
2010-10-01 Jorge H. CuadradoFix feedback
2010-09-29 David A. Cuadradomove middleware to mongomapper_ext
2010-09-29 David A. Cuadradobreak if the chunk is empty
2010-09-28 David A. Cuadradofix gridfs middleware
2010-09-28 David A. Cuadradoreplace old urls to use the new middleware
2010-09-28 David A. Cuadradomiddleware to serve files
2010-09-23 Patrick AljordMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shapado/shapado
2010-09-23 Patrick Aljordadd specific string as the scaffold one doesn't work...
2010-09-23 David A. Cuadradoadding support for win32
2010-09-22 Patrick Aljordfix timezone select in user form
2010-09-22 Patrick AljordMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:shapado/shapado
2010-09-20 David A. Cuadradofix syntax error
2010-09-20 David A. CuadradoMerge remote branch 'origin/fix-find'
2010-09-20 David A. Cuadradofix anonymous questions/answers
2010-09-20 Jorge H. Cuadradoupdate the find calls because mongo_mapper behavior...
2010-09-20 David A. Cuadradofix anonymous answers
2010-09-20 David A. Cuadradofix validation
2010-09-20 David A. Cuadradofix i18n interpolation
2010-09-20 David A. Cuadradohack to avoid a crash when rendering the time zones