last changeWed, 16 Dec 2009 04:01:02 +0000 (13:01 +0900)
2009-12-16 Conrad Parkeradd --enable-debug configure flag master
2009-07-14 Conrad Parkercleanup: remove dead code
2009-07-14 Conrad Parkercache output, serve from output cache first
2009-07-13 Conrad Parkerpause decode when output buffer is full
2009-07-08 Conrad Parkeruse local input buffer
2009-07-03 Conrad Parkerupdate for current libomxil
2009-07-03 Conrad Parkerupdate omxregister command
2009-04-01 Conrad Parkeromxshvpudec: set frame_by_frame mode
2009-03-28 Conrad Parkeradd to EXTRA_DIST
2009-03-28 Conrad Parkeradd README symlink to, for automake
2009-03-27 Conrad Parkerrename README to for github, add whitespace...
2009-03-27 Conrad Parkerupdate README: add licensing info
2009-03-27 Conrad Parkerrename to omxil-sh throughout
2009-03-27 Conrad ParkerAdd LGPL2.1 license text, update throughout
2009-03-27 Conrad Parkerlibtool update
2009-03-27 Conrad Parkerremove dead code
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