last changeMon, 28 Jun 2010 04:18:06 +0000 (04:18 +0000)
2010-06-28 Conrad ParkerRelease 1.2.0 master
2010-05-24 Conrad ParkerAllow multiple uiomux_open() calls
2010-04-28 Phil EdworthyRemove generated files.
2010-04-28 Phil Edworthytests: Added nested open test
2010-04-22 Conrad ParkerRelease 1.1.0
2010-04-22 Conrad Parkeradd Matsubara-san to AUTHORS
2010-04-22 Conrad Parkeradd TODO file with some suggested improvements.
2010-04-22 Conrad Parkerupdate, INSTALL
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraAdd for the Android code tree
2010-03-19 Conrad ParkerFix roundup of pagecount reported by uiomux info
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraApply HAVE_CONFIG_H condition in src/tests/uiomux_test.h
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraFix arithmetic expression with void pointer
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraFix wrong comparison in uiomux_phys_to_virt()
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraFix parameter type for memory address in uio_map_virt_t...
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraTreat return value from system functions
2010-03-19 Katsuya MatsubaraSuppress a warning by compiler in init_owners_table()
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