last changeFri, 19 Mar 2010 06:41:43 +0000 (06:41 +0000)
2010-03-19 Takashi NamikiAdd debug info for stream structure master
2010-03-19 Takashi NamikiPerformance improvement * double buffering for output...
2010-02-17 Phil Edworthycapenc: Formatting cleanup.
2010-02-17 Phil Edworthycapenc: Replaced static data with instance data.
2010-02-17 Phil Edworthyenc: Increase size to 720p
2010-02-17 Phil Edworthydec: Increase max size to 720p
2010-02-17 Phil Edworthydisplay: Added call to wait for vsync ioctl.
2010-02-15 Jeremy ApthorpUpdate TODO
2010-02-15 Conrad Parkerbuild fix: typo
2010-02-15 Conrad ParkerMerge remote branch 'pedwo/trungnt-merge'
2010-02-15 Conrad Parkerenc::write_output: release enc_mutex before returning
2010-02-15 Conrad ParkerMerge remote branch 'nornagon/master'
2010-02-12 Phil Edworthyfbsink: Modified to use existing display code.
2010-02-12 Phil Edworthycapenc: Reinstated code to get the v4l2 source dev
2010-02-12 Jeremy ApthorpMake ./configure report that it's building 'shvideo'.
2010-02-10 Phil EdworthyMerge branch 'trungnt-merge' of git://
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