last changeSat, 10 Jan 2009 21:21:11 +0000 (22:21 +0100)
2009-01-10 TANGUY ArnaudMinor bug fixed in Object. master
2009-01-10 TANGUY ArnaudTextEdit password mode added.
2009-01-10 TANGUY ArnaudCheckBox class functional !
2009-01-10 TANGUY ArnaudMove Left/Right in the TextEdit.
2009-01-09 TANGUY ArnaudTextEdit SetText() fixed, and fix Resize().
2009-01-09 TANGUY ArnaudChekbox and TextEdit improvement
2009-01-04 TANGUY ArnaudUpdate docs. Beginig of class Checkbox
2009-01-04 TANGUY ArnaudCode reorganistaion
2009-01-04 TANGUY ArnaudDoc updates and code cleaning
2009-01-04 TANGUY ArnaudFix the TextEdit problem with non monospaces fonts
2009-01-04 TANGUY ArnaudImproving TextEdit text position
2009-01-04 TANGUY ArnaudFixes the text bug in the TextEdit.
2009-01-03 TANGUY ArnaudNew Object constructor, fix destructor
2009-01-03 TANGUY ArnaudBasics of the SfGui lib are in place.
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