bump changelog for 0.2.1
[services_libravatar:services_libravatar.git] / tests /
2012-04-27 Christian Weiskemake short options "s" and "d" work again
2012-04-27 Christian Weiskethrow exception when an invalid option is passed
2012-04-23 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/services_l...
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskedo not normalize again in domainGet
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskesupport non-default ports in OpenID normalization
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskenormalize identifier only once, and lowercase the email...
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskelowercasing of openid scheme and host
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskebase openid normalization on OpenId::normalizeIdentifier
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskeremove fixme; it is fixed now
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskeuse email hash when identifier is empty
2012-04-22 Christian WeiskeAllTests.php to support "pear run-tests -up services_li...
2012-04-22 Christian Weisketest url()
2012-04-22 Christian Weisketests empty identifier
2012-04-22 Christian Weiskeunittests for getUrl
2012-04-22 Christian Weiskefirst getUrl test
2012-04-22 Christian Weisketest https detection
2012-04-22 Christian Weiskeunit tests for option setters