add tests to package
[services_libravatar:services_libravatar.git] / makepackage.php
2012-04-23 Christian Weiskeadd tests to package
2012-04-23 Christian WeiskeMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-04-22 Melissa DraperRemove docs from package script
2012-04-20 Melissa DraperRelease notes
2012-04-20 Melissa DraperBump version patch number - now 0.1.1
2012-04-20 Melissa Draperbaseinstalldir requires a non-empty string
2012-04-17 Melissa DraperFix version replacement token
2012-04-17 Melissa DraperFix base install directory path
2011-06-21 Melissa DraperRemove docs from the build script
2011-05-21 Melissa DraperFixing makepackage standards violations
2011-05-20 Melissa DraperRenamed to the correct category for PEAR
2011-05-19 Melissa Draper* Update the package definition for the phpdoc generate...
2011-05-18 Melissa DraperPackaging xml generator file for PEAR packaging