2011-04-22 Joaquim RochaFix shows' images retrieval
2011-04-22 Joaquim RochaPackage fix again
2011-04-22 Joaquim RochaPackage fix
2011-04-12 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6.7 v0.6.7
2011-04-12 Joaquim RochaFix getting next and previous episodes
2011-04-12 Joaquim RochaEscape episode names
2011-04-03 Joaquim RochaMark episode as watched from episode's view
2011-03-01 Juan A. Suarez... Hide/show buttons when offline/online
2011-03-01 Juan A. Suarez... Check if SeriesFinale is already running
2011-02-27 Juan A. Suarez... Save on database on tmp file first
2011-02-27 Juan A. Suarez... Autosave database every 5 minutes (mb#11121)
2011-02-26 Joaquim RochaFix episode's name column size in episodes view
2011-02-24 Juan A. Suarez... Remove covers only if package is removed. 5
2011-02-22 Joaquim RochaUpdate search column when shows are updated
2011-02-22 Joaquim RochaFix getting the show when live search was used
2011-02-21 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6.6 v0.6.6
2011-02-21 Joaquim RochaAdd an option to change the episodes' check-box position
2011-02-21 Juan A. Suarez... Save database only if it changes
2011-02-21 Juan A. Suarez... Use a singleton for SeriesManager class
2011-02-21 Juan A. Suarez... Save settings only if they change
2011-02-21 Joaquim RochaAdd quick access to go to next/previous episodes (mb...
2011-02-20 Joaquim RochaAdd live search support for shows view (mb#10952) live_search
2010-12-30 Juan A. Suarez... Use sentence case for labels
2010-12-25 Juan A. Suarez... Update spanish translation
2010-12-17 Juan A. Suarez... Fix credits
2010-10-08 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6.5 v0.6.5
2010-10-08 Joaquim RochaFix episodes highlight colors when checking/unchecking...
2010-10-08 Joaquim RochaAdd view to delete seasons shows_sort
2010-10-08 Joaquim RochaMake update shows honor the add special seasons setting
2010-10-08 Joaquim RochaMake returning to shows view faster
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaSet the parent window of the new shows dialog
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaAdd special season addition based on the settings
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaSet the window rotation based on the settings
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaAdd settings dialog
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaAdd screen rotation and special season preferences...
2010-10-01 Juan A. Suarez... Add auto-rotation support
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaRemove trailing spaces from
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaAdd the shows' sort filters
2010-10-01 Joaquim RochaRewrite Settings
2010-09-27 Joaquim RochaMake get_info_markup able to receive an info argument
2010-09-27 Joaquim RochaFix problems with threads
2010-09-27 Joaquim RochaAdd get most recent method to Episode
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6.1 v0.6.1
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaAdd Russian translation (thanks to Misha Ketslah)
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaFixes problem when retrieving shows and episodes with...
2010-07-16 Juan A. Suarez... Redefine PriorityQueue.put() method
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaUpdate shows list when the deserialization is finished
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaFix warning about unescaped chars
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaReplace the Queue with a PriorityQueue and respective...
2010-07-16 Joaquim RochaUse only one AsyncWorker at most to deal with the series
2010-07-09 Joaquim RochaPrevent the download and usage of images to generate...
2010-07-09 Joaquim RochaFix issue with undefined exception variable
2010-07-09 Joaquim Delete trailing spaces
2010-07-09 Joaquim Delete trailing spaces
2010-07-09 Juan A. Suarez... Fix showing next episode
2010-05-17 Joaquim RochaAdd TheTVDB credits
2010-05-11 Joaquim RochaAdd THANKS file v0.6
2010-05-11 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.6
2010-05-11 Joaquim RochaAdd postrm script to remove images folder
2010-05-11 Joaquim RochaAdd AUTHORS and README files to
2010-05-11 Joaquim RochaRefactor the select_all/none episodes
2010-05-11 Juan A. Suarez... Update Spanish translation
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaUpdate Portuguese translation
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaAdd about dialog
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaAdd AUTHORS file
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaAdd README file
2010-05-10 Juan A. Suarez... Change label to 'Next episode'
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaStart searching when user presses Enter
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaDo not delete images if they are used by other shows
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaDo not download images if they already exist
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaRemove the images when a show is deleted
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaFix problem when updating with a None tree model
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaFix weird bug
2010-05-10 Joaquim RochaAdd update show's art
2010-05-08 Joaquim RochaMove image's dimensions to constans file
2010-05-08 Joaquim RochaAdd placeholder and downloading images
2010-04-30 Juan A. Suarez... Download images to temporal files
2010-04-26 Joaquim RochaAdded manual de/serialization using JSON manualdb
2010-04-26 Joaquim RochaAdd debug when an exception in async item works
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Select default language by default
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Handle case when languages can not be retrieved
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Delay getting languages until it is really needed
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Set language when searching shows
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Take language in account when updating shows and episodes
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Add function to get a list of available languages
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Add author copyright to
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Add language specification when downloading show and...
2010-04-26 Juan A. Suarez... Add language specification when searching for shows
2010-04-11 Joaquim RochaAdd new logo
2010-04-09 Joaquim RochaPrevent erasing database when a problems occurs opening it
2010-04-09 Joaquim RochaFix episode highlight when episode watched state is...
2010-04-09 Juan A. Suarez... Mark already added series when searching
2010-04-09 Joaquim RochaEscape shows and episodes' names for markup
2010-04-08 Joaquim RochaRemove main clean from Debian rules
2010-04-07 Joaquim RochaAdd files to be cleaned
2010-04-07 Joaquim RochaAutomate translation files
2010-04-06 Joaquim RochaFix deleting shows
2010-03-29 Joaquim RochaUpdate for release 0.5 v0.5
2010-03-29 Joaquim RochaRemove the CDBS dependency
2010-03-29 Joaquim RochaAdd images retrieval for shows and seasons