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2011-08-13 Laura Draganfixed INSTALL.TXT (again) master
2011-03-14 Laura Draganfixed installation instructions - cmake param
2010-12-22 Laura Draganfixed remove all filters functionality and called it...
2010-11-22 Laura Draganadded the parsing of notes on load and the possibility...
2010-11-12 Laura Draganmajor changes to the annotations, still needs work
2010-09-29 Laura Dragan(re)added timeline plugin
2010-09-29 Laura Dragan(re)added timeline plugin
2010-09-29 Laura Draganadded plugins
2010-09-16 Pierre Lretained the AnnotatorTextEdit with some corrections"
2010-09-01 Pierre Lwork-aroud for time line floating point error
2010-08-19 Pierre Lrm for confusion reasons
2010-08-18 Pierre LAdded Findsemnotes.cmake
2010-08-12 Pierre Llastest added advanced ui code
2010-08-12 Pierre Llastest advanced ui code
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