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last changeThu, 7 Mar 2013 21:12:03 +0000 (22:12 +0100)
2013-03-07 Stefan Seyfriedzapit: fix compile with gcc4 master
2013-03-07 Stefan Seyfriedneutrino: add GUI setup support for unicable
2013-03-07 Stefan Seyfriedpzapit: add option to set unicable parameters
2013-03-07 Stefan Seyfriedzapit: add unicable support
2013-02-27 GetAwayNeutrino: enhance Fontrenderer, ported from coolstream...
2013-02-27 Christian SchuettNeutrino moviebrowser: only save settings if modified
2013-02-27 Stefan Seyfriedconfigfile: reset modified flag after saving
2013-02-27 Stefan Seyfriedconfigfile: set the modified flag correctly on set...
2013-02-27 [CST] Focuslibconfigfile: check iterator for end before using it
2013-02-22 [CST] Focussectionsd: add operators, simplify event compare code
2013-02-16 micha-bbgsectionsd.cpp: Remove invalid events (duration <= 1...
2013-02-16 Stefan Seyfriedsectionsd: add workaround for holes in SRF EPG
2013-02-16 Stefan Seyfriedsectionsd: consider the table_id when inserting events
2013-02-16 Stefan Seyfriedinfoviewer: don't suppress valid 'next' events
2013-02-10 Christian Schuettfix migrate errors
2013-02-10 Christian SchuettNeutrino bookmark manager: use bookmarkmanager icon
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