2011-03-21 Alexandre MazariBuild wih recent versions of gtk, webkit and seed master
2010-09-20 Alexandre MazariMove deb,rpm and pkg-config description files to data/ release-0.2
2010-09-18 Alexandre MazariFix typo.
2010-09-18 Alexandre MazariSet release version
2010-09-17 Alexandre MazariUpdate and rename Debian control file. release-0.1
2010-09-17 Alexandre MazariAdd Debian control file generation
2010-09-16 Alexandre MazariDo not versionate the dist file
2010-09-16 Alexandre MazariEarly documentation.
2010-09-16 Alexandre MazariEnforce creation in
2010-09-16 Alexandre MazariAdd gtk-doc infrastructure
2010-08-19 Alexandre MazariChanged copyright email address to 'seedkit-list@gnome...
2010-08-19 Alexandre MazariFixes for dist-check errors.
2010-07-27 Alexandre MazariRemove intl
2010-07-27 Alexandre MazariAdd RPM spec file.
2010-07-20 Alexandre MazariRemove viewer related files
2010-07-20 Alexandre MazariExtract seedkit viewer to its own repository
2010-07-20 Alexandre Mazaribuild with gtk+ 3.0, webkit 3.0 and recent seed
2010-06-16 Alexandre MazariFixing cast compile warning.
2010-06-16 Alexandre MazariMerge branch 'widget'
2010-06-16 Alexandre MazariAdded the widget command line argument and assiciated...
2010-06-16 Alexandre MazariAdd the widget command line arg.
2010-06-16 Alexandre MazariRemove unused source files.
2010-06-16 Alexandre MazariFix compile warnings.
2010-05-23 Alexandre MazariDo not auto-resize window from web content.
2010-05-21 Alexandre MazariHouse cleaning
2010-05-21 Alexandre MazariUse seedkit_view instead of seed_view
2010-05-21 Alexandre MazariRename seed_view to seedkit_view
2010-05-21 Alexandre MazariUse GtkHPaned for general layout (view and inspector)
2010-05-21 Alexandre MazariFix URI handling bug : do not modify already formated...
2010-05-13 Javier JardónUpdate autotools configuration
2010-04-09 Elliot SmithChange linker options so libseedkit libraries are visible
2010-04-09 Elliot SmithMake libseedkit headers visible during jhbuild
2010-04-07 Alexandre MazariExtraction of liseedkit.
2010-03-26 Alexandre MazariAdded Dbus and lang local copies in DBus RNB example...
2010-03-21 Alexandre MazariClean
2010-03-21 rootCleaning the source tree out of build artifacts.
2010-03-21 Alexandre MazariVarious fixes.
2010-03-21 Alexandre MazariLot of fixes... Will detail later.
2010-03-17 Alexandre MazariAM fixes.
2010-03-17 Alexandre MazariFix includes.
2010-03-17 Alexandre Mazaricleaning repository. removing autotools artefacts and...
2010-03-17 Alexandre Mazarirename web_inspector to seedkit_inspector
2010-03-16 Alexandre Mazaricleaning.
2010-03-16 Alexandre Mazaridd
2010-03-16 Alexandre MazariVarious updtates ; support for the web inspector, for...
2010-03-16 Alexandre MazariVarious updtates ; support for the web inspector, for...
2010-03-16 Alexandre Mazariremoved dummy file
2010-03-16 Alexandre MazariAnjuta Project
2010-03-16 Alexandre Mazari Initial commit