Build wih recent versions of gtk, webkit and seed
[seedkit:seedkit.git] /
2011-03-21 Alexandre MazariBuild wih recent versions of gtk, webkit and seed master
2010-09-20 Alexandre MazariMove deb,rpm and pkg-config description files to data/ release-0.2
2010-09-18 Alexandre MazariSet release version
2010-09-17 Alexandre MazariUpdate and rename Debian control file. release-0.1
2010-09-17 Alexandre MazariAdd Debian control file generation
2010-09-16 Alexandre MazariAdd gtk-doc infrastructure
2010-08-19 Alexandre MazariFixes for dist-check errors.
2010-07-27 Alexandre MazariAdd RPM spec file.
2010-07-20 Alexandre Mazaribuild with gtk+ 3.0, webkit 3.0 and recent seed
2010-05-13 Javier JardónUpdate autotools configuration
2010-04-07 Alexandre MazariExtraction of liseedkit.
2010-03-16 Alexandre Mazaridd
2010-03-16 Alexandre MazariAnjuta Project