Remove the restreaming code
[seed:sirajs-seed.git] / modules / telepathy / tp-simple-media-handler.c
2011-10-11 Siraj RazickRemove the restreaming code
2011-10-11 Danilo Cesar Lemes... Changing call handler name master
2011-10-10 Your full nameFix : Make the local mic work siraj/tp_audio_call
2011-10-07 Your full nameSupport Tpy_Call_channels, and other random fixes
2011-10-06 Your full nameFix call accept in ubuntu (with latest telepathy yell)
2011-10-05 Your full nameClean up hardcoded values and listen to state_changed...
2011-10-05 Your full nameFinalise and dispose methods to fix memory leaks
2011-10-03 Your full nameUse Telepathy yell constants
2011-09-30 Your full namestart the handler in a new thread
2011-09-29 Your full nameCall accept fix
2011-09-26 Your full nameSupport Object signals and uri property
2011-09-25 Siraj RazickWIP : telepathy call handler for seed