last changeFri, 24 Feb 2012 11:21:36 +0000 (13:21 +0200)
2012-02-24 J-P JokelaAdded latest changes to changelog. master 1.2.14-7maemo4
2012-02-23 J-P JokelaAdded a patch, that will fix mouse event coordinates...
2012-02-23 J-P JokelaAdded patch, that removes SDL_opengl.h from the SDL...
2012-01-22 Alberto MardeganDisable compositor 1
2011-11-28 Matti Airasadded epoch to version number 1_1.2.14-7maemo3
2011-11-28 Matti AirasBumped version 1.2.14-7maemo2
2011-11-24 J-P JokelaAdded force-fullscreen patch to build.
2011-11-24 J-P JokelaAdded force-fullscreen patch, that will always open...
2011-11-04 Gerard Bosch... Version bump for BIFH 1.2.14-7maemo1
2011-09-19 Gerard Bosch... Fixed dri2-pvr2d-hwsurface patch so that the code is... 1.2.14-0maemo8
2011-09-14 Gerard Bosch... Updated control file so that libimmvibe-dev is only... 1.2.14-0maemo7
2011-09-14 Gerard Bosch... Updated changelog 1.2.14-0maemo6
2011-08-29 Javier S. Pedroenable more sensors as joystick devices
2011-08-29 Javier S. Pedrodo not use hw blit for smaller surfaces (slow)
2011-08-28 Javier S. Pedroalso recreate window when switching from hw->sw
2011-08-28 Javier S. Pedroproperly close dbus connection
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