2014-10-30 Andreas Mülleru-boot-overo: remove dizzy
2014-10-30 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: add xf86-video-omap / xserver-xorg-module...
2014-10-29 Andreas MüllerRevert "linux-mainline-3.14: prepare page flipping...
2014-10-23 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: fix crash when starting libertas_tf
2014-10-23 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: remove CONFIG_LIBERTAS_THINFIRM_DEBUG...
2014-10-23 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: replace libertas by libertas_tf to...
2014-10-22 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: update to 3.14.21
2014-09-29 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: prepare page flipping support...
2014-09-29 Andreas Müllerx-load: remove - it was replaced by u-boot spl very...
2014-09-29 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline: update to 3.14.19
2014-09-29 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline: update to 3.14.14
2014-09-29 Andreas MüllerREADME: change meta-gumstix -> meta-gumstix-community
2014-09-29 Andreas Müllerx-load: fix FILESEXTRAPATHS
2014-09-29 Andreas Mülleromap3-sgx-modules: fix FILESEXTRAPATHS
2014-07-01 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: update to 3.14.10
2014-07-01 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline: update to 3.14.7
2014-05-19 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: avoid errors building modules with -O0
2014-05-16 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: print out further OMAP3 revision...
2014-05-16 Andreas Mülleradd to get a bit more independent from meta-ti
2014-05-16 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: export symbols required by powervr...
2014-05-16 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: update to 3.14.4
2014-05-16 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: fix nonworking nand
2014-05-12 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: fix restart issue on 600MHz overo
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerxserver-xf86-config: add a hint to see if we have corre...
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerlayer.conf: seem BBFILE_PRIORITY = 11 is not accepted...
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerxserver-xf86-config: remove broen THISDIR modification
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: remove usage of FILESPATH
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: remove usage of FILESPATH
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: remove usage of FILESPATH
2014-05-10 Andreas Müllerxserver-xf86-config: remove usage of FILESPATH
2014-05-07 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.14: initial add 3.14.3
2014-04-22 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.2: drop - it is unmaintained for very...
2014-04-13 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11/TODO: fix omapfb note
2014-04-13 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11/TODO: add omapdb entries
2014-04-13 Andreas Mülleru-boot-variables: cleanup
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: remove libertas_tf debug messages...
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11/libertas-tf-sdio: fix noise & signal...
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: libertas_tf_sdio cosmetics
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: make libertas_tf_sdio find required...
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: prepare sd8686-uap-module as alternate...
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: wifi AP by adding libertas_tf_sdio...
2014-04-10 Andreas Müllerxserver-xf86-config: add a working config
2014-04-08 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11/TODO: update libertas_tf notes
2014-04-03 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: make wifi/libertas work
2014-04-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11/TODO: add a wifi reminder
2014-04-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: fix ehci-usb start when unplugged
2014-04-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11 / TODO: drop note for ehci-omap
2014-03-31 Andreas Mü use oe-core's devicetree blob creation
2014-03-31 Andreas Müllercard scripts: prepare kernel zImage
2014-03-31 Andreas Mülleru-boot-variables: drop a note for change in mmc rescan...
2014-03-31 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: add multiple video drivers for X for test...
2014-03-31 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: set linux-omap-3.11 as default provider
2014-03-31 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.11: initial add
2014-03-31 Andreas Müllercard-* workaround umount busy errors
2014-03-17 Andreas Mülleru-boot-variables: add drm settings
2014-03-17 Andreas Mülleru-boot-variables: add notes for kernel zImage
2014-03-17 Andreas Mülleru-boot-overo: add zImage support
2014-01-22 Andreas Müllerlinux: remove our linux-firmware version pinning hack
2014-01-22 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: remove
2014-01-06 Andreas Müllerovero-writeprom: update oe-core LICENSE checksum
2014-01-06 Andreas Müllerudev-udisks-rules-overo: update oe-core LICENSE checksum
2013-12-19 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: ensure RTC interrupts are disabled... dora
2013-12-19 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: remove noise for mmc debounce clock
2013-11-28 Andreas Mü prepare usage for other machines
2013-10-30 Andreas Mü remove unneeded unifdef.c seding
2013-10-24 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: add PREFERRED_PROVIDER for all gl-libs
2013-10-22 Andreas Müllerovero: pin mesa-gl as PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgl
2013-10-16 Andreas Müllerudev-udisks-rules-overo: hide boot volume with label...
2013-10-16 Andreas Mü make card partition work for latest fedora
2013-09-19 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: set mesa-gl the preferred provider for...
2013-09-02 Andreas Mülleru-boot-overo: move to 2013.07
2013-06-27 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: make kernel bootable for builds based...
2013-06-12 Andreas Müllercard-write: add time measurement for rootfs extraction
2013-05-23 Andreas MüllerMerge branch 'master' of release-2013-06
2013-05-23 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: fix buffer overflow security hole
2013-05-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.12
2013-04-25 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.8
2013-04-22 Andreas Müllerremove linux versions which were never used or did...
2013-04-02 Andreas MüllerREADME: fix typo in email address
2013-04-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.5
2013-04-01 Andreas Mülleru-boot: rename to u-boot-overo
2013-03-15 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.3
2013-03-04 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.2
2013-03-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: add generic TWL reset / madc sequence
2013-03-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: don't set Host as OTG default
2013-02-28 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: defconfig remove unused SMC91X...
2013-02-28 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.1
2013-02-28 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: remove patch applied mainline
2013-02-28 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: do not soft-reset EHCI USB PHY - it...
2013-02-28 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: do not soft-reset EHCI USB PHY...
2013-02-28 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: enable TWL4030 power off
2013-02-27 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: disable USB suspend
2013-02-27 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: Add 720/800MHz OPP support
2013-02-27 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: add AVS (Smartreflex) support
2013-02-26 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5/-mainline-3.8: proper handling of missin...
2013-02-26 Andreas Mü make script work for renamed...
2013-02-26 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: defconfig alignment
2013-02-25 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: add OMAP USB Host cleanup series
2013-02-25 Andreas Mü linux-mainline-3.8 move to...
2013-02-22 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: remove unused sgx patch