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last changeWed, 30 Oct 2013 22:34:35 +0000 (23:34 +0100)
2013-10-30 Andreas Mü remove unneeded unifdef.c seding master
2013-10-24 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: add PREFERRED_PROVIDER for all gl-libs
2013-10-22 Andreas Müllerovero: pin mesa-gl as PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgl
2013-10-16 Andreas Müllerudev-udisks-rules-overo: hide boot volume with label...
2013-10-16 Andreas Mü make card partition work for latest fedora
2013-09-19 Andreas Müllerovero.conf: set mesa-gl the preferred provider for...
2013-09-02 Andreas Mülleru-boot-overo: move to 2013.07
2013-06-27 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: make kernel bootable for builds based...
2013-06-12 Andreas Müllercard-write: add time measurement for rootfs extraction
2013-05-23 Andreas MüllerMerge branch 'master' of release-2013-06
2013-05-23 Andreas Müllerlinux-omap-3.5: fix buffer overflow security hole
2013-05-10 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.12
2013-04-25 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.8
2013-04-22 Andreas Müllerremove linux versions which were never used or did...
2013-04-02 Andreas MüllerREADME: fix typo in email address
2013-04-02 Andreas Müllerlinux-mainline-3.8: update to 3.8.5
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