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2011-11-05 Arun SAGChange type of body to TextField from CharField
2011-11-04 Ratnadeep DebnathAdded tests for blog posts. 1
2011-11-02 Arun SAGAdd practical linux workshop slides
2011-10-26 Arun SAGAdd makefile
2011-10-26 Arun SAGReorganize some slides and fix model name from Posts...
2011-10-26 Arun SAGEnable admin interface in sample application
2011-06-11 Arun SAGFixed a comma in the presentation
2011-06-11 Arun SAGMoved F15 presentation to a directory added README...
2011-06-11 Arun SAGAdded references to F15 presentation
2011-06-11 Arun SAGAdded Fedora 15 release party presentation
2011-05-01 Arun SAGAdded code samples and README file
2011-04-29 Arun SAGOuput of various commands are now intutive
2011-04-29 Arun SAGNew slides on models,templates,forms,views are added
2011-04-27 Arun SAGAdded slides related to models
2011-04-25 Arun SAGAdded new slide on django apps
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