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2014-12-17 Francois MarierSign the git tags master
2014-11-03 Francois MarierBump date and version for release safe-rm-0.12
2014-11-03 Francois MarierRemove unnecessary dependency on Env
2014-10-07 Francois MarierBump date and version for release safe-rm-0.11
2014-10-07 Francois MarierMake user config file compliant with XDG Base Directory...
2014-06-22 Francois MarierFreshmeat (and freecode) has shut down
2014-01-01 Francois MarierDeprecate and bump copyright year
2014-01-01 Francois MarierReplace blog with LP announcements
2013-06-09 Francois MarierBump date and version for release safe-rm-0.10
2013-06-09 Francois MarierKeep .asc release files out of git
2013-06-09 Francois MarierUntaint the IFS environment variable
2013-01-11 Francois MarierClarify release notes
2013-01-11 Francois MarierBump dates and version number for release safe-rm-0.9
2013-01-11 Francois MarierAdd /lib32 and /lib64 to the default blacklist (bug...
2011-05-07 Francois MarierAdd a new official logo
2011-02-24 Francois MarierBugs migrated to Launchpad
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