last changeTue, 3 Jan 2012 20:56:59 +0000 (21:56 +0100)
2012-01-03 Tom WillemsenFix some class::constant cases master
2012-01-03 Tom WillemsenFunction parameters on multiple lines
2011-12-01 Tom WillemsenAdded imap-related constants
2011-12-01 Tom WillemsenAdd php-function-call-face
2011-10-03 Eric James... Add Olaf to the list of contributors
2011-10-03 Eric James... Merge pull request #7 from olavTHEviking/master
2011-10-03 Olaf The VikingFixed bug with displaying strings in `` quotes, like...
2011-09-26 Eric James... Merge pull request #6 from ryuslash/master
2011-09-26 Tom WillemsenFix indenting of functions AND arrays
2011-09-26 Eric James... Increase the version number to 1.6.4
2011-09-26 Eric James... Add the ‘.phpt’ extension to auto-mode-alist
2011-09-26 Eric James... Merge branch 'ejmr/indenting'
2011-09-26 Eric James... Describe the array formatting in the README
2011-09-26 Eric James... Configure indentation so that nested arrays look better
2011-09-25 Eric James... Add ‘php’ to interpreter-mode-alist
2011-09-17 Eric James... Ask users to include `php-mode-version` in bug reports
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