2010-07-18 Dave AbrahamsAttempt Python 2.5 compatibility master
2010-05-11 Dave AbrahamsMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:ryppl/cmake eric-boost
2010-05-11 Dave AbrahamsAdd some package metadata
2010-03-10 Dave AbrahamsGenerate forwarding headers under build directory!
2010-03-10 Dave AbrahamsAdd top-level testing targets for each library
2009-12-13 troy d. straszheimtweaks
2009-12-03 troy d. straszheimremove selftest stuff... now we do this in version...
2009-12-03 troy d. straszheimmoving some of this selftest stuff out
2009-12-03 troy d. straszheimonly sort if there are projects
2009-12-02 troy d. straszheimstart