remove unused import
[ruff:gruff.git] / src / View.hs
2012-05-22 Claude Heiland-Allenbugfix for supersampling badness changing window size...
2012-05-22 Claude Heiland-Allenswitch to complex-generic via ruff
2012-05-17 Claude Heiland-Allenswitch to own uncomplex
2012-03-22 Claude Heiland-Allenadapt to ruff changes; simplify Number; de-Vec
2011-12-06 Claude Heiland-AllenMerge branch 'master' of v0.3.1
2011-12-06 Claude Heiland-Allenbugfix: better visibility test avoids computing offscre...
2011-12-04 Claude Heiland-Allenfix radius of default location
2011-12-03 Claude Heiland-Allenattempt to increase sharing for efficiency
2011-12-03 Claude Heiland-Allenrender labels and lines
2011-12-03 Claude Heiland-Allenmove screen space coordinate transforms to library...
2011-10-30 Claude Heiland-Allenmoved types to library
2011-10-26 Claude Heiland-Allenfix supersampling
2011-10-09 Claude Heiland-Allenbrowser is resizeable via the control window; improve...
2011-10-02 Claude Heiland-Allenmake default window faster/lower quality
2011-10-02 Claude Heiland-Allenclean up imports/exports
2011-10-02 Claude Heiland-Allenfix a whole host of mostly off-by-one errors and add...
2011-09-30 Claude Heiland-Allenfilter quads by visibility; fix defaulting warning
2011-09-30 Claude Heiland-Allencompute needed quads for complete buffer
2011-09-30 Claude Heiland-Allenstart to rewrite tile viewing in a less unsane way