prepare to make cache size runtime settable
[ruff:gruff.git] / QuadTree.hs
2011-09-23 Claude Heiland-Allenfix off-by-one causing too many tiles to be computed
2011-09-12 Claude Heiland-Allenspeed up quadtree by computing numbers instead of pruni...
2011-06-17 Claude Heiland-AllenMerge branch 'minimus'
2011-06-17 Claude Heiland-Allenregion expansion; exponential quads
2011-06-05 Claude Heiland-Allenget multiple levels of quadss
2011-05-24 Claude Heiland-Allenfix warnings
2011-03-02 Claude Heiland-Allenexport more
2011-03-02 Claude Heiland-Allenmore abstract QuadTree module