use tile result data type
[ruff:gruff.git] / src / Tile.hs
2012-05-17 Claude Heiland-Allenuse tile result data type
2012-05-17 Claude Heiland-Allenswitch to own uncomplex
2012-05-16 Claude Heiland-Allentouch tile border properly
2012-03-20 Claude Heiland-Allenuse package type-level-natural-number instead of handro...
2012-03-11 Claude Heiland-Allenuse bytes to represent normalized distance estimate...
2012-03-06 Claude Heiland-Allenremove unused imports
2012-03-05 Claude Heiland-Allenfixed precision tile compute; removed foreign compute...
2011-12-22 Claude Heiland-Allenfix for newtype constructor required for FFI in future GHC
2011-12-03 Claude Heiland-Allenname fields for sanity
2011-09-26 Claude Heiland-Allenrearrange file layout