2011-08-31 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'master' of work-1.4
2011-08-31 Duncan Mac... update changelog and bump version v1.3.1
2011-08-30 Duncan Mac... Require rpm 4.1 or newer
2011-08-30 Duncan Mac... improve testcase by using mktmpdir and
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... add test helper and a testcase for spec files
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... move more docs to db.c and rpm.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move parts of DB and Transaction documentation to db.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move RPM::Spec docs to spec.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... We need to link against librpmbuild to use RPM::Spec...
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move RPM::Package docs to package.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move RPM::Dependency docs to dependency.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move the RPM::File documentation to file.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move RPM::Source docs to source.c
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... specify versions for dependencies
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... share file lists between yard and rdoc
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... use bundler tasks
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... moved RPM::Version documentation to the extension
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... moved RPM::Version documentation to the extension
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Merge branch 'rpm5' of git://
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Move rpm spec from spec/ to distro/ as spec is used...
2011-08-29 Duncan Mac... Looks like all patches are applied
2011-08-28 Duncan Mac... google translated version of the reference. TODO: move...
2011-08-28 Duncan Mac... add applied patches to CHANGELOG
2011-08-28 Duncan Mac... include C docs
2011-08-28 Duncan Mac... move old patches and Japanese manual so that it does...
2011-08-23 Anders F Bjorklunduse rbconfig to get DLEXT instead of hardcoding .so 2
2011-08-23 Anders F Bjorklundadd missing patches and fix build
2011-08-22 Anders F Bjorklundruby-rpm-1.2.3-rpm5.patch
2011-08-22 Anders F Bjorklundruby-rpm-1.2.3-rpm448.patch
2011-08-22 Anders F Bjorklundruby-rpm-1.2.1-rpm446.patch
2011-08-22 Anders F Bjorklundstpcpy declaration clashing with darwin's <string.h>
2011-08-22 Lubomir RintelAdd a missing header that caused compile to fail
2010-08-22 Duncan Mac... wrong version bumped v1.3.0
2010-08-22 Duncan Mac... rdoc required
2010-08-19 Duncan Mac... fix gemspec tags
2010-08-19 Duncan Mac... Changelog
2010-08-19 Duncan Mac... DRY with VERSION
2010-08-19 Duncan Mac... Build with ruby 1.9.x too
2010-08-19 Duncan Mac... Port the build system to something more current:
2009-11-10 Duncan Mac... root and home attributes only available in rpm < 4.6.0 v1.2.4
2009-11-10 Duncan Mac... fix version define
2009-10-20 Duncan Mac... compiles with rpm 4.4 and 4.7, verified with openSUSE...
2009-10-20 Duncan Mac... Try to make the code work with both rpms
2009-10-20 Duncan Mac... make this function static
2009-10-19 Duncan Mac... first port to rpm 4.7
2008-11-05 David LutterkortPass all defines through extconf.h
2008-11-05 David LutterkortCleaner RPM header file checks
2008-11-05 David LutterkortBuild setup for rpm installed in nonstandard location
2008-11-04 David LutterkortDo not choke on deprecation warnings
2008-11-04 David LutterkortFix couple more compilation problems
2008-11-04 David Lutterkortextconf.rb: create extconf.h; compile with -Werror
2008-11-04 David LutterkortFix a number of compiler warnings
2008-11-04 David LutterkortEnable test_rebuild and make it pass by working around...
2008-11-04 David Lutterkortversion.c: NUM2INT on some platforms is a long; always...
2008-10-10 David LutterkortFixup rpm_transaction_check() to build with new rpm
2008-10-10 David LutterkortFixup rpm_transaction_commit() for opaque rpmps/rpmProblem
2008-10-10 David LutterkortUse rpmpsTrim() instead of manually doing it
2008-10-10 David LutterkortDumb ifdef kludgery to work around stuff
2008-10-10 David LutterkortExclude various removed constants on newer rpm
2008-10-10 David LutterkortFixup for spec changes in newer rpm
2008-10-10 David LutterkortInclude rpmlog.h instead of (nonexistent) rpmmessages...
2008-10-10 David LutterkortUse pkg-config for rpm if it exists, enable compat...
2008-10-10 David LutterkortDisable failing test RPM_DB_Tests::test_rebuild
2008-03-11 David LutterkortBring into accordance with Fedora guidelines
2007-10-08 David LutterkortBump version to 1.2.3
2007-10-08 David LutterkortNEWS for 1.2.3
2007-05-07 David LutterkortRelease 1.2.3
2007-05-07 David LutterkortAdd FIXME comment
2007-04-24 David LutterkortAdd a hash method for versions
2007-04-24 David LutterkortZero epoch is the same as no epoch
2007-03-22 David LutterkortForce garbage collection on close to make sure garbage...
2007-03-21 David LutterkortExpand description; build zip, too
2007-03-21 David LutterkortInclude rpm specfiles
2007-03-21 David LutterkortAdd a NEWS file
2007-03-21 David LutterkortDiddle with dist task
2007-03-21 David LutterkortCopy everything to trunk/ subdir to make room for a...
2007-03-21 David LutterkortMore complete Rakefile; first steps towards making...
2007-03-21 David LutterkortPatch from Pascal Terjan (Mandriva)
2007-03-21 David LutterkortMove fedora specfile to a separate subdir
2007-03-21 David LutterkortFix type pointed out by Guillermo Gomez
2007-03-17 David LutterkortFix Dependency.satisfy? and document desired behavior...
2007-03-15 David LutterkortFix segv when link_to is NIL
2007-03-14 David LutterkortTest that exposes segfault in File constructor
2007-03-10 David LutterkortRelax requirements so that package builds on RHEL4
2007-01-30 David LutterkortFix error converting epoch in RPM::Version.inspect
2006-12-12 David LutterkortDistribute spec file(s)
2006-11-15 David LutterkortSeparate directory for spec file(s)
2006-11-15 David LutterkortAdd extconf.rb top tarball
2006-11-15 David LutterkortAdd support for building tarball
2006-11-15 David LutterkortRemove unused variables
2006-11-15 David LutterkortAdd entry about patch additions
2006-10-13 David LutterkortMake the test runner run
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch7 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0_no_random_return-2.patch...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch6 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0_no_random_return.patch...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch5 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0_no_RPMSENSE_PATCHES.patch...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch4 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0-callback445.patch) from...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortAdd patch3 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0-package-sprintf.patch) from...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch2 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0-db-package-version-2004092...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch1 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0-expand-macros.patch) from...
2006-10-13 David LutterkortApply patch0 (ruby-rpm-1.2.0.diff) from SuSE, with...