last changeSat, 17 Mar 2012 20:49:37 +0000 (21:49 +0100)
2012-03-17 kamikazeFix crash, ported from bzzwolfsp master
2012-03-08 kamikazeIntroduce DEFAULT_LIBPATH to become able to conform...
2012-03-08 kamikazeChanges to successfully compile on FreeBSD RELENG_9...
2011-08-13 Tobias DoerffelQCommon/CVar: revert cf9e93fd2 as it breaks overlay...
2011-08-12 Tobias DoerffelQCommon/Files: fixed memory leak
2011-08-12 Tobias DoerffelRenderer/Shader: revert 0bd10fee as it's causing wrong...
2011-08-11 Tobias DoerffelCompletely clear result-argument in BG_ParseConditionBits()
2011-08-11 Tobias DoerffelAlways built with C_ONLY macro enabled
2011-08-11 Tobias DoerffelExplicitely link all binaries against libm
2011-08-11 Tobias DoerffelAdded files for CMake-based builds
2011-08-11 Tobias DoerffelImproved MinGW32 support and added Win64 support
2011-08-10 Tobias DoerffelAdded more video modes (1680x1050, 1920x1080)
2011-08-10 Tobias DoerffelFixed lots of compiler warnings, too small arrays,...
2011-08-10 Tobias DoerffelRtCW 64 bit fixes
2011-08-10 Tobias DoerffelVarious fixes taken from bzzwolfsp repository
2011-08-10 Tobias DoerffelInitial import based on
7 years ago master