last changeMon, 1 Mar 2010 22:58:19 +0000 (23:58 +0100)
2010-03-01 Per Øyvind... make %apply_patches() work with patches not necessarily... master
2010-02-27 dvalinadd %apply_patches macro
2009-08-15 dvalinadd %_default_patch_fuzz macro
2009-05-20 dvalinset binary payload to use xz
2009-05-15 dvalinSILENT: hum, for some reason I had commented out %_upgr...
2009-05-15 dvalinadd disttag & distepoch to buildroot path
2009-05-14 dvalinmove %_prefer_target_cpu to a new, separate macro file...
2009-05-14 dvalinremove, these can be generated...
2009-05-07 dvalinadd -c option to %mkrel (although no idea what it's...
2009-05-07 dvalinjust reuse %mkrel in stead of redefining it for %manbo_...
2009-05-07 dvalinadd support for subrel to %%mkrel & %%manbo_mkrel
2009-05-07 dvalin* fix disttag/distepoch for manbo
2009-05-07 dvalinadd -U to %_default_patch_flags
2009-05-04 dvalinredefine '%_query_all_fmt' to include disttag & distepoch
2009-05-04 dvalinSILENT: tab cosmetics:p
2009-05-03 dvalinadd %_prefer_target_cpu macro for libcpuinfo usage
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