last changeSat, 19 Sep 2009 00:00:07 +0000 (17:00 -0700)
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonMore robust header handling when checking boundaries... master
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonEliminate some duplication of the message in imaplib
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonUse the memory efficient generator
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonRemove the duplication in _handle_message. No coverage...
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonDon't set the boundary twice to avoid walking the messa...
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonRemove the duplication of subarts in the _write method
2009-09-19 Ross PattersonFix isolation of the original generator tests
2009-09-18 Ross PattersonUse Message.walk instead of assembling alltexts to...
2009-09-18 Ross PattersonBack to working multi-part
2009-09-18 Ross PattersonDemonstrate that streaming the _write method breaks...
2009-09-18 Ross PattersonAdd coverage for attaching an MP3 to excercise the...
2009-09-18 Ross PattersonDon't encode plain types
2009-09-18 Ross PattersonAdd tests for streaming email.generator
2009-09-17 Ross PattersonFix illegal seek error when skipping
2009-09-17 Ross PattersonSome memory usage improvements
2009-09-14 Ross PattersonAdd skip support for put
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