last changeMon, 18 Nov 2013 13:27:50 +0000 (18:57 +0530)
2013-11-18 Arun JosephSupport systems with no battery hardware. If hw.nobatte... rowboat-jb-4.3
2013-10-21 Vishveshwar... Fix Navigation bar icons not showing for landscape lcd
2013-09-05 Arun JosephLoad global proxy settings for connection type Ethernet
2013-08-01 Pankaj BharadiyaAndroid Policy: Make Volume Keys wake up capable
2013-07-18 Robert GreenwaltAdd gservices updater for carrier provisioning url android-4.3_r2.1
2013-07-18 Jean-Michel... Cleaner Tejat notification in Audio Package 11
2013-07-17 Wink SavilleWhen a SIM is changed check mobile provisioning.
2013-07-17 Jeff BrownFix missing lock in power manager.
2013-07-16 Craig MautnerRemove iterators (DO NOT MERGE)
2013-07-15 The Android... merge in jb-mr2-zeroday-release history after reset...
2013-07-12 Scott Mainam ca4b112e: am 546ac85a: am ad17523d: add warning...
2013-07-12 Scott Mainam 546ac85a: am ad17523d: add warning for Windows users...
2013-07-12 Scott Mainam ad17523d: add warning for Windows users and fix...
2013-07-12 Scott Mainadd warning for Windows users and fix typos
2013-07-12 Wink SavilleMerge "VZW wants the phoneNumber to be 10 zero's if...
2013-07-12 Amith YamasaniMerge "Pass along the user id to AttributeCache request...
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