last changeMon, 27 Apr 2015 18:54:40 +0000 (20:54 +0200)
2015-04-27 Michał Ziąbkowskisupergameboy: Update Makefile patch for live ebuild. master
2015-04-27 Michał Ziąbkowskisnesreader: Update Makefile patch for live ebuild.
2015-04-27 Michał Ziąbkowskisnesfilter: Update Makefile patch for live ebuild.
2015-04-26 Michał Ziąbkowskibsnes-plus: Added first release. Fixed patch for live...
2015-04-25 Michał Ziąbkowskisupergameboy: Moved to bsnes-plus repo. Corrected DESCR...
2015-04-25 Michał Ziąbkowskisnesreader: Moved to bsnes-plus repo.
2015-04-25 Michał Ziąbkowskisnesfilter: Moved to bsnes-plus repo.
2015-04-24 Michał ZiąbkowskiRemoved laevateinn.
2015-04-24 Michał Ziąbkowskibsnes-plus: New ebuild.
2015-03-29 Michał Ziąbkowskikadu-jabber_protocol: Fixed patch and qxmpp dep.
2015-03-29 Michał Ziąbkowskiqxmpp: Updated HOMEPAGE and SRC_URI. Bumped.
2015-03-29 Michał Ziąbkowskikadu: Replace all qtquick1 deps with qtdeclarative.
2015-03-29 Michał Ziąbkowskikadu-core: Added missing dep.
2015-03-29 Michał Ziąbkowskikadu-jabber_protocol: Bumped.
2015-03-29 Michał ZiąbkowskiAdded Kadu 3.0_beta1.
2015-03-24 Michał ZiąbkowskiAdded Kadu 2.1.
3 years ago master