last changeTue, 4 Sep 2012 02:31:31 +0000 (20:31 -0600)
2012-09-04 rjensenPlaying with dihedral and roll. master
2012-09-03 rjensenTweak cockpit and panel slightly, just for fun.
2012-09-03 rjensenPower systems and tweak the compass model
2012-09-03 rjensenMake the boost pointer brighter red.
2012-09-03 rjensenFix the boost gauge red-line to be at the proper point.
2012-09-03 rjensenUse the tail plane incidence as the starting point...
2012-09-03 rjensenUse xflr5 estimates for lift and drag
2012-09-03 rjensenTop wing contacts had wrong sign. Add sideforce due...
2012-09-02 rjensenLower damping on contacts.
2012-09-02 rjensenMinor reorg and add some resources.
2012-09-02 rjensenChange aileron droop to 8 degrees. First pass at separa...
2012-08-30 rjensenMake oil pressure actually read the oil pressure property.
2012-08-29 rjensenAdd an interim panel
2012-08-29 rjensenFirst pass at moving the flaps functionality into ailer...
2012-08-29 rjensenAnimate the ailerons and set the propeller blade to...
2012-08-29 rjensenRemove unused normalizations.
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