last changeMon, 13 May 2013 20:51:31 +0000 (23:51 +0300)
2013-05-13 Antti VirtanenUpdated for Ubuntu-13.04 building. master
2013-02-27 Antti VirtanenObject effects now have working script support. This...
2013-02-25 Antti VirtanenAdded initial script support for sound and visual effects.
2013-02-22 Antti VirtanenMerged patch.
2013-02-22 Antti VirtanenImplemented spark-effect.
2013-02-21 Antti VirtanenImplemented support for composite effects.
2013-02-18 Antti VirtanenFixed basic-rocket shape.
2013-02-18 Antti VirtanenItems can now have optional weapon.
2013-02-18 Antti VirtanenDisabling lighting from smoke.
2013-02-18 Antti VirtanenFixed indentations.
2013-02-18 Antti VirtanenRocket starts to emit smoke when it is too damaged.
2013-02-17 Tuomo TurunenFixed schema: "rotation" -> "rotate"
2013-02-14 Antti VirtanenNuclear barrels are now textured again.
2013-02-14 Antti VirtanenAbstractVisualEffect let's subclasses to customize...
2013-02-14 Antti VirtanenRemoved spam from scripts.
2013-02-13 Antti VirtanenFinished EffectGenerator implementation.
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