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last changeMon, 27 May 2013 14:34:39 +0000 (16:34 +0200)
2013-05-27 Felix Rehrmanntested and fixed batch mode master
2013-05-27 Felix Rehrmannruby site batch feature
2013-05-27 Felix Rehrmannsome minor modifications to test_bridge script
2013-05-27 Felix Rehrmannruby side batch run provisions
2013-05-27 Felix Rehrmannpython side batch run feature
2013-05-27 Felix Rehrmannadded license information into manifest and reworked...
2013-05-24 Felix Rehrmannsome documentation
2013-05-24 Felix Rehrmannchanged translation of time into value
2013-05-24 Felix Rehrmannadded an information for if msgpack ist not installed
2013-05-24 Felix Rehrmanndepdencies
2013-05-24 Felix Rehrmannfirst successful bridging
2013-05-16 Felix Rehrmannpython client side
2013-05-16 Felix Rehrmannserver script that is the ruby side
2013-05-16 Felix Rehrmannfixed stuff on the ruby OrocoRb class
2013-05-16 Felix Rehrmanncaller for the orocos.rb methods translating msgpack...
2013-05-16 Felix Rehrmanntest scripts to test the ruby interface sing msgpack
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