2013-12-11 Marc Hildebrandtchanged default threads to 2 visual_odometry_test
2013-12-09 Marc Hildebrandt* added cropping for non-threaded case, fixed bug with...
2013-12-08 Marc Hildebrandtadded threading option
2013-10-23 Marc Hildebrandtfixed bug in mean_z computation
2013-04-17 Marcadded mean z output
2013-04-09 MarcSURF-detector: added warning message if detector parame...
2013-04-09 Marcfixed uninitialized value bug
2012-10-28 Marc HildebrandtMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-26 Marc Hildebrandtadded option to loadClassVector to only load the first...
2012-10-26 Marc HildebrandtAdded loading/storing of the source vector structure
2012-10-19 Jakob Schwendnerupdated signature fore copyTo to allow optional transfo...
2012-10-16 Marc HildebrandtAdded field "source_frame", modified push_back function...
2012-10-15 Marc Hildebrandtadded option to getInterFrameImage to use external...
2012-10-12 Marc Hildebrandtnow using the == operator in unit test for save/load
2012-10-12 Marc Hildebrandtadded test to unittest for copyTo
2012-10-12 Marc Hildebrandtfixed bug with mean_z
2012-10-12 Marc HildebrandtAdded == operator to stereofeaturearray
2012-10-12 Marc Hildebrandtadded copyTo function with stereoFeatureArray as target
2012-10-12 Marc Hildebrandtadded outside accessibility for homography matrix
2012-10-04 Marc Hildebrandtremoved debug output
2012-10-01 Marcadded mean z value of current frame
2012-10-01 Marcadded save functions for eigen::matrix
2012-10-01 Marcremoved debug out text
2012-09-30 Marcadapted the test to vector function
2012-09-30 Marcnow saving the complete StereoFeatures structure
2012-09-30 Marcremoved non-working stream version, fixed POD version
2012-09-30 Marcadded ability to store a stereo feature array, includin...
2012-09-30 Marcadded store_vector to project
2012-09-30 Marcadded simple template function for vector storing
2012-09-28 Marc Hildebrandtmerged.
2012-09-26 Marc Hildebrandtadded missing include of opencv library
2012-08-28 Janosch Machowinskiadded missing include stable-20121013 stable-20130205 stable-20130620
2012-07-24 Marc Hildebrandtmad debug frame printing safer
2012-07-22 cuslamadded adaptive detector param for gpu
2012-07-19 Marc Hildebrandtadded detector configuration function
2012-05-23 iMobybuild with optimizations
2012-05-15 Marc Hildebrandtchanged check for .depth to .channels in error message...
2012-05-15 Marc Hildebrandtadded test for external memory matching
2012-05-15 Marc Hildebrandtswitched to correct opencv header, added possibility...
2012-05-10 Marc Hildebrandtadded access methods to internal data structures for...
2012-05-07 Jakob Schwendneradded uncertainty information to isometry filter
2012-05-07 Jakob Schwendneradded feature size filter to stereo correspondences
2012-05-07 Jakob Schwendnersmall api change
2012-05-07 Jakob Schwendnerupdates to psurf
2012-04-19 Sylvain Joyeuxfix w.r.t. change of namespace for envire plugins stable-20120808
2012-04-19 Sylvain Joyeuxadd API documentation generation
2012-04-16 Jakob SchwendnerMake DistanceImage plugin work with vizkit3d ruby integ...
2012-04-16 Jakob Schwendnerfixed order for cv::Mat constructor call
2011-12-16 Sylvain Joyeuxworkaround the broken opencv2.3 pkg-config file by... stable-20120501
2011-12-14 Marc Hildebrandtremoved superfluous qt headers
2011-12-14 Marc Hildebrandtadded missing parameter in header of crossCheckMatching
2011-12-14 Marc Hildebrandtadapted unit test for sparse stereo do disparity defnin...
2011-12-14 Marc Hildebrandtadded gpu support for sparse stereo
2011-12-14 Marc Hildebrandtadded unit test for sparse stereo class
2011-12-14 Marc Hildebrandtfixed typo in setConfiguration, which ignored the new...
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendneradded psurf descriptor as a parameter for sparse stereo
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendneradded optional gaussian kernel parameter
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendnerslightly updated the relation between elas configuratio...
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendneradded test program for computing dense images
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendnerfirst running version of psurf
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendneradded ability to load calibration files from matlab...
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendnerstarted psurf test case and updated test images
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendnerpsurf: pass through dist_img to surf calculation
2011-11-21 Jakob Schwendnercopied surf code from opencv and integrated renamed...
2011-11-11 Jakob Schwendneradded copy to featurecloud that filters on distance
2011-10-28 Jakob Schwendneradded undistort test binary
2011-10-19 Jakob Schwendnerupdated unit test
2011-10-18 Jakob Schwendnerstarted unit tests
2011-10-18 Jakob Schwendnerupdated api for dense_stereo
2011-09-22 Jakob Schwendnerextended filter by isometry transform
2011-09-20 Jakob Schwendnerremoved ransac code (added to envire/icp)
2011-09-19 Jakob Schwendneradded icp solver and test (dirty)
2011-09-19 Jakob SchwendnerAdd a RANSAC implementation (external)
2011-09-19 Jakob Schwendnersparse: updated signatures for inter frame correspondences
2011-09-15 Jakob Schwendnermade parameters for finding the fundamental matrix...
2011-09-15 Jakob Schwendnersparse: copied calculateInterFrameCorrespondences from...
2011-09-15 Jakob Schwendnerprefixed filter enum
2011-09-15 Jakob Schwendneradded original image points to keypoints
2011-09-14 Jakob Schwendnermade crosscheckmatching public
2011-09-13 Jakob Schwendnerfixed bug in setconfiguration
2011-09-13 Jakob Schwendnersparse: added parameters to configuration for feature...
2011-09-12 Jakob Schwendnerupdated copy to featurecloud
2011-09-09 Jakob Schwendnersparse: fixed 3d projection of stereo matches and featu...
2011-09-09 Jakob Schwendnersparse: filter out disparities < 0
2011-09-09 Jakob Schwendnersparse: fixed const issues
2011-09-09 Jakob Schwendnersparse: set descriptor type in output
2011-09-05 Jakob Schwendnersparse: moved some of the basic types to envire
2011-08-23 Jakob Schwendnerremoved unused files
2011-08-23 Jakob Schwendnerrenamed dense_stereo to stereo, since the library also...
2011-08-23 Jakob Schwendnerlibelas was moved from external to image_processing
2011-08-18 Jakob Schwendneradded descriptor type to StereoFeatureArray
2011-08-18 Jakob Schwendnermoved distance_image to base and renamed to DistanceImage
2011-08-17 Jakob Schwendnersparse: split off sparse stereo datatypes
2011-08-10 Jakob Schwendnersparse: added feature circles to debug image
2011-08-10 Jakob Schwendnersparse: updated default filter values
2011-08-10 Jakob Schwendnersparse: fixed handling of filter type NONE
2011-08-10 Jakob Schwendnerremoved build type override
2011-08-10 Jakob Schwendnerdense: fixed error that would occur if the image is...
2011-08-09 Jakob Schwendnerdense: option to flag that images are already rectified
2011-08-09 Jakob Schwendnersparse: fixed calibration initialization and added...