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last changeTue, 2 Dec 2014 16:16:49 +0000 (17:16 +0100)
2014-12-02 Janosch MachowinskiFixed compilation for libav > Version 56 master rock-rc rock1408
2014-01-07 Sylvain Joyeuxadd include needed in recent versions of ffmpeg rock1408_rc1
2014-01-07 Sylvain Joyeuxadd include needed for recent ffmpeg versions
2012-11-15 Sylvain Joyeuxadd missing std::
2012-10-31 Janosch Machowinskiscripts/decodeFromHost.rb : Use data connection and...
2012-10-29 Janosch Machowinskidecreases latency between encoding and decoding to...
2012-10-29 Sylvain Joyeuxadd missing dependencies
2012-10-26 Janosch Machowinskiadded script to encode from camera task
2012-10-26 Janosch Machowinskiadded script for decoding a stream to images
2012-10-26 Janosch Machowinskitest for format of input images
2012-10-26 Janosch Machowinskibugfix: always copy image data
2012-10-26 Janosch Machowinskiset correct frame number in picture
2012-10-24 Janosch MachowinskiInitial implementation of the video streamer package
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