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2012-01-27 Stefan HaaseUpdates README. master next
2012-01-27 Stefan HaaseAdds gstreamer-dependency to the manifest.
2012-01-26 Stefan Haasestd::runtime_errors are catched now reading camera...
2012-01-25 Stefan HaaseRemoves a unnecessary condition-check.
2012-01-25 Stefan HaaseSwitches to os-gstreamer.
2012-01-20 Stefan HaaseIntroduces configuration- and image-request mode.
2012-01-20 Stefan HaasePrepares the optimized usage of CamConfig.
2012-01-13 Stefan HaaseExcludes exposure from the camera driver.
2012-01-13 Stefan HaaseAdds an interface to cam_usb to set parameters (here...
2011-12-22 Stefan HaaseAdds the rest of the v4l2 control IDs.
2011-12-21 Stefan HaaseRemoves wrong log output.
2011-12-21 Stefan HaaseAdds base/logger and output.
2011-12-18 Stefan HaaseDriver works on Gumstix now!
2011-12-18 Stefan HaaseTakes into account that the driver (e-CAM32) can could...
2011-12-18 Stefan HaaseAdds test code from the gumstix.
2011-12-18 Stefan HaaseAdds several changes to make the driver working on...
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