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2015-02-10 Sascha Arnoldadded properties to define the max and min range of... master rock-rc
2013-10-10 Alexander Dudafix spelling error resulting in a missing dependency rock1408_rc1
2013-07-17 Steffen Planthaberfixed ambiguous call of base::Time::fromSeconds
2013-02-19 Sascha Arnoldadded missing min and max range to the output samples
2013-02-13 Sascha Arnoldchange the horizontal angels to the framework standard...
2013-02-12 Sascha Arnoldadded positioning task to provide the gps position...
2013-02-05 Sascha Arnoldrenamed velodyne Task to LaserScanner
2013-01-29 Sascha Arnoldadded first version of the velodyne driver orogen task
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