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2014-03-28 Matthias GoldhoornWrite the requested config instead of current one,... master rock1408_rc1
2013-08-19 Matthias GoldhoornReintegrated echosounder implementation, fixed dynamic... next stable stable-20140120
2013-07-12 Matthias GoldhoornTritech sonars are now dynamic configureable
2012-11-21 Sascha ArnoldMerge branch 'reactivate_profiling' stable-20130620 stable-20130909
2012-11-21 Marc Hildebrandtadded property for baudrate reactivate_profiling
2012-08-15 Matthias GoldhoornMerge branch 'master' into next stable-20130205
2012-08-15 Matthias Goldhoornpackage is stable now
2012-08-01 Matthias GoldhoornAdded only-echosounder support to lib
2012-07-24 Sascha Arnoldadded first version of the reintegration of the profili...
2012-07-15 DAGON PC 1cg made io_error fatal
2012-05-03 Matthias GoldhoornMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/depricated'
2012-05-02 Matthias GoldhoornAdded frame-support to echosounder
2012-03-08 Sascha Arnoldfixed mirrored angle limits depricated
2012-02-28 Alexander Dudabugfix timeout Echo Sounder
2012-02-28 Alexander Dudabugfix missing break;
2012-02-24 Alexander Dudaadd support for micron dst EchoSounder
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