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last changeThu, 17 Apr 2014 14:56:39 +0000 (16:56 +0200)
2014-04-17 Martin Fritscheset the default position limit based on the configuration master rock-rc rock1408 rock1408_rc1 stable rock-14.08 stable-201408
2014-04-17 Martin Fritschefixed test script documentation
2014-04-17 dmrongaMade error messages more informative
2014-04-09 Janosch Machowinskibugfix: Make servo receive commands again
2014-04-09 Janosch MachowinskiWrite only last command to serve, bugfix
2014-03-25 Janosch Machowinskicompile with optimization
2014-02-28 dmrongaAdded property 'keep_torque_enabled' to never make...
2013-12-18 dmrongaAdded Debug port for the cycle time next
2013-12-17 dmrongaAdded property to define behavior at joint limits,...
2013-12-16 dmrongaRemoved debug messages
2013-12-16 dmrongaAdapt input position command to limits
2013-12-16 dmrongaAdded joint_limits property
2013-11-19 sbotAdapts test script.
2013-11-08 Janosch Machowinskibugfix: do not loose second command if we got multiple...
2013-10-31 Stefan HaaseReduces the MX range from 4096 to 4095.
2013-10-31 Stefan HaaseAdds the positonRange to the ServoStatus structure.
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