last changeTue, 2 Oct 2012 10:35:10 +0000 (12:35 +0200)
2012-10-02 Sylvain Joyeuxadd missing using namespace std master next rock-rc rock1408 rock1408_rc1 stable rock-14.08 stable-20130205 stable-20130620 stable-20130909 stable-20140120 stable-201408
2012-10-02 Sylvain Joyeuxfix signed integer vs. unsigned integer comparison...
2012-09-17 Malgorzata... Removed unneeded check.
2012-09-17 Malgorzata... Added debug output from iodriver.
2012-09-10 Sylvain Joyeuxadd missing dependency on drivers/orogen/aggregator
2012-08-15 Malgorzata... Added timestamp estimator to the laserscanner sick.
2011-12-20 Malgorzata... Fixed wrong package path.
2011-12-05 Malgorzata... Changed laser to be fd-driven.
2011-11-03 Malgorzata... Added additional properties to configure the device...
2011-11-01 Malgorzata... Initial checkin.
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