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2015-03-02 Javier Hidalgorun script to have the sync out modes property values... master
2014-10-07 Alexander Dudacleanup: example run script
2014-06-20 Matthias GoldhoornRemoved default deployments, because we can directly... rock-rc rock1408 rock1408_rc1 stable rock-14.08 stable-201408
2014-05-14 Alexander Dudasupport to open camera based on a given ip address
2012-08-15 Matthias GoldhoornMarked camera as stable next stable-20130205 stable-20130620 stable-20130909 stable-20140120
2012-08-14 Alexander DudaRevert "added third standard camera deployment" stable-20121013
2012-08-14 Alexander DudaRevert "cg added front camera deployment"
2012-07-15 DAGON PC 1cg added front camera deployment
2012-05-08 Sylvain JoyeuxconfigureCamera now reports failure through its return...
2011-11-30 Marc Hildebrandtadded third standard camera deployment
2011-09-16 Sylvain Joyeuxupdate Doxyfile's exclude list stable-20111130 stable-20120222 stable-20120501 stable-20120808
2011-09-06 Sylvain JoyeuxRemove a temporary workaround from next stable-20111017
2011-06-03 Alexander Dudaremove TaskBase(name,engine) stable-20110823
2011-05-23 Matthias Goldhoornneeded changes for subclassing
2011-05-04 Alexander Dudamove configureCamera to base class
2011-05-03 Alexander Dudare-factoring
2 years ago rock-14.08
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4 years ago stable-20130620
4 years ago stable-20130909
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4 years ago stable-20121013
5 years ago stable-20111130
5 years ago stable-20120222
5 years ago stable-20120501
5 years ago stable-20120808
5 years ago stable-20111017
5 years ago stable-20110823
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