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2014-04-24 Christian RauchGain per channel: Enables additional gain value per... master rock-rc rock1408 rock1408_rc1 stable
2014-04-23 Christian RauchAuto gain: Control the auto gain mode by property ...
2014-04-23 Christian RauchGain boost: property 'gain_boost' to enable the additio...
2014-04-16 Christian Rauchfix: Setting the ROI after the exposure value renders...
2013-07-25 Felix Rehrmannadds property to switch the retrieval modes next
2013-07-25 Felix Rehrmannadds time taking for waiting and retrieving
2013-07-22 SeekurJrproperty: enable_api_log
2013-07-19 Felix Rehrmannadds capture status port
2013-07-12 Felix Rehrmannautomatic reporting of errors from the api
2013-07-12 Felix Rehrmannchanges order in the updateHook
2013-07-09 Felix Rehrmannremoved time stampe estimator
2013-06-18 Christian Rauchset exposure value only if mode is set to manual stable-20130909 stable-20140120
2012-08-17 Felix Rehrmannsome start of documentation. stable-20130205
2012-08-17 Felix Rehrmannadded test script for ueye usb 1246le camera.
2012-08-07 Felix RehrmannAdded configuration for event timeout and port for...
2012-08-07 Felix RehrmannAdded timestamp estimator.
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