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last changeThu, 11 Dec 2014 23:11:16 +0000 (21:11 -0200)
2014-12-11 Sylvain Joyeuxcmake: add missing dependency on the odometry library master
2014-07-21 Christian Rauchregularly forward the last received motion command... rock-rc rock1408 rock1408_rc1 stable rock-14.08 stable-201408
2014-06-27 Sascha Arnoldadded properties to set the standard deviation for...
2014-06-12 Christian RauchTimeout: Initialize timestamp at startHook and print...
2014-04-23 Christian RauchStandalone executable to control the power ports of...
2013-12-19 Christian RauchCheck the duration of the updateHook to detect blocking. next
2013-12-19 Christian RauchAvoid using separate thread for ArRobot task cycle.
2013-12-09 Christian RauchProperty for additional parameters given to the Aria...
2013-11-28 Christian RauchProperty 'ariapath' to set the path to the aria library...
2013-11-19 Christian RauchError message if locking the robot failed
2013-11-19 Sylvain JoyeuxMerge branch 'next'
2013-11-19 Sylvain JoyeuxMerge branch 'master' into next stable-20140120
2013-11-15 Sylvain Joyeuxmake the source and target frames for the robot_pose...
2013-11-05 Leif Christensenadded baudrate property to aria orogen module
2013-10-29 Christian RauchRevert changes introduced by faulty merge.
2013-10-29 Steffen PlanthaberMerge branch 'master' of git://
3 years ago rock-14.08
3 years ago stable-201408
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